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What is eqogo?

Have you ever wanted X-ray vision - have the power to see inside of things - and know more about them? What if you could look at a car, a tool, toy, or food and know how it’s made, and how good it is for you? Imagine if you had the ability to see the source of it and into the process that brought it to you.. With that knowledge, you’d have a super-power to see into the future - know what’s the best value for your dollar, your family, and how it benefits the earth.

You’ll be a hero.

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How does it work?

Well, it’s not easy, but we work hard to gather the best data about the things you desire and give it to you in a convenient app. By using up-to date certifications and standards we compare all known practices about products. We place the market in a new race - a race for transparency and genuine value.

Eqogo helps to achieve this by being a comprehensive resource of scoring that reviews certification standards for accuracy, thoroughness and its application to your search. Companies that share their good work are celebrated by a thoughtful marketplace that sees those efforts, and rewards them by voting with their purchase.


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Why eqogo?

The world is ready. The global mindset is changing and wants to make informed choices, with not only the bottom line, but the world in mind. We need an immersive guide for consumers, industry, and business to make the most impactful choices available when acquiring goods. We will impact global behaviors by illustrating the full cycle of influences our purchases have on us and the environment. By doing this, we will inspire collective learning, encourage best practices and create competition for most thoughtful, appropriate, and value based solutions.

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The eqogo community

We are taking this philosophy of thoughtful consumption to the world, one community at a time. When people across the globe align through their positive actions, the metrics of change will be an awakening force that drives major reductions in energy use, waste and the proliferation of suspect goods.

With this unified front, we empower our individual needs for long lasting, multi-generational goods, and pave the way forward for future generations.

empower informed consumption while rewarding conscious production.

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